Frequently Asked Questions


Does my coffee table come delivered fully assembled?
Yes, your new coffee table will arrive in one single box with fully assembled.
How much noise does it make? Would it be OK in s small studio apartment where it would be close to the bed while sleeping?
Yes, it is definitely OK. The compressor and fan have been sophisticatedly optimized to operate quietly as low as 36dB, which is totally tolerable and you shouldn’t notice it if your bed is placed two meters away.
How long is the cord on smart coffee table?
The length of the power cord is 3 meters, about 9.8 feet.
Does the refrigerator have a switch to turn if off?
I’m afraid NO only if you unplug it then you could use it as a simple furniture.
How many canned beverages that I can put in the LT135 dual drawers?
The LT135 can store up to 120 (12oz.) cans along with two YOYO pans that can still hold some snacks or bottles of wine.
What should I do if the refrigerator temperature cannot reach the set temperature?
The temperature of the refrigerator is different in time and space distribution. Currently, our temperature control is set by using the average weighted temperature of the box.

The temperature of the refrigerator is a fluctuating and continuous process, it is not a fixed process. For example: set the temperature to 8 degrees. Then when the box temperature reaches 10 degrees, the compressor starts, and after the temperature drops to 6 degrees, the compressor stops, and then waits until the box temperature rises to 10 degrees before starting again, and the cycle repeats...
Maybe what the customer sees is the instantaneous temperature, that is, the temperature when it rises from 8 degrees to 10 degrees. This temperature lasts for half an hour.
Solution: Turn off the power and wait for 1 hour before turning it back on again.


How many watts and volts is this table?
The table requires 110 volts. The LT 90 runs on 17 watts, LT 35 runs on 16 watts.
Which devices are compatible with the Livtab Wireless Charging Pad?

The Livtab Smart Coffee Table’s Wireless Charging Pad works with iPhones and Android Phones. Make sure to remove your phone case and that the phone is positioned correctly.
Do you have to plug the coffee table in?
The coffee table has to be plugged into a wall outlet or into an outlet on the floor if available for it to work.
What is the load capacity of the coffee table top?
150kg (330lbs)
*The factory load-bearing test is: directly place a 150kg weight on the table for testing.


How do I change / modify my order?
We can help you modify your order any time before shipment - change an item or your shipping address.Please email us at ASAP. But unfortunately cannot make any changes to if your order after it has left our warehouse. 
How do I cancel an order?
To cancel a paid order, you will need to email us at before the order is shipped. 
Please note that generally, we're not able to stop its transit after it is shipped out. Shipping fees are not refunded after the parcels are shipped out.
How can I return my parcel?
If You need to return Goods, please Contact Us including Your Order number. We will reply to You within 24 hours. Please attach the reason for the return, the photos of the goods, and your order number. 
We’ll provide You with further instructions on where returns should be shipped and the amount You will be refunded. 
How and when will the goods be shipped?
We offer FREE standard shipping on all Livtab furniture and your product will ship as soon as your order is processed. Delivery generally takes 3-8 Bussiness Days.


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