Quick answers to frequently asked questions about Cyber One Desk products.

Pre-order via website:

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Under normal circumstances, we do not recommend cancelling your pre-order. Because we create a special reservation for you with one of our suppliers or manufacturing partners upon pre-ordering, once the reservation has been made, it can generally not be cancelled by us. We hope you are satisfied with your final decision. Should you change your mind or have questions, contact us at support@livtab.com.

When does a delay occur and why?

In some rare cases, there may be delays caused by events outside of our control. In the unlikely event of a delay, our Customer Support Team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order?

The waiting time depends on the actual production progress of the factory. Once that the item is available in our warehouse, your order will be dispatched within 2-3 working days.

Please contact our support team at support@livtab.com for more details.

1. What materials does the desk be made from?

The surface of the desk is powder coated MDF with anti-scratch, the frame is heavy-duty steel. 

2. What is the height adjustable range of the table?

The control panel with a digital screen allows you to lower or elevate the desk to any position with a single touch of a button, you will be able to adjust your desk anywhere from 29 to 47 inch.

3. What is the width and payload capacity of the table?

This desk has a 350 pound weight capacity and a wide surface area of 63 by 31.5 inches providing enough space and load bearing capability for multiple monitors and all your peripherals.

4. What’s the difference between CyberOne Standard, CyberOne Plus and CyberOne Pro?

CyberOne comes with 3 different versions and each with different add-on accessories, please feel free to choose your cyberone section on the campaign page for detailed info.

5. Which countries do you ship to?

Except for Kickstarter. The website only accepts shipping to the following countries: the U.S., Canada, and Austria.

6. What is the shipping fee and do we have to pay taxes?

Please note that VAT and custom clearance fees are covered by us. The shipping costs vary from country to country, which will be automatically calculated when placing an order.

7. When is the delivery for CyberOne?

Great news! The first batch shipment will start in June 2023 for early-birds backers.

8. What is the shipment sequence?

We will make the arrangement based on the number of orders in each region and keep our backers informed on Kickstarter when we start shipping.

9. How do I provide my shipping address and reward details?

10. Can I change my shipping address after I submit the survey?

We will enable the address changing option in the survey so that you can update your shipping address anytime before the survey is closed. You will not be able to change your shipping address after we close the survey to finalize the shipping plan. You will receive the notification 48 hours in advance before we close the survey.

11. How can I pledge?

Learn more about the official Kickstarter guide to pledge at here.

12. It’s my first time pledging on Kickstarter, can you help to confirm if my pledge is successful?

After you've backed our project, you'll receive a confirmation email from Kickstarter. In addition, you'll receive an inbox message to double confirm your successful backing. You'll not be charged and asked to provide any of your personal info until our campaign successfully finishes. If you need help confirming your order, please contact us at crowdfunding@livtab.com

13. Can I cancel a pledge?

According to Kickstarter's policy, you can cancel your pledge in your account before the project ends. Please note that during the last 24 hours of the campaign, it is not possible to decrease or cancel a pledge. Additionally, you will only be charged automatically after the project has ended. Please learn more on Kickstarter: https://help.kickstarter.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005133013-Can-I-cancel-a-pledge

14. What is CyberOne’s warranty policy?

Livtab aims to provide premium customer service to our backers! All the main parts of the desk are covered under a 5-year warranty. Please note that the accessories (Back Perforated Board, Wireless Charging Module, Charging Station, Coaster, Bluetooth Speakers, and RGB Light) are under a 12-month warranty. The warranty period for a product is valid on the day the product(s) are delivered.

15. When does my card get charged?

Your card will be charged after the project has ended.

16. How to contact us?