Smart Coffee Table


The LT 135 Smart Coffee Table revolutionizes living rooms with its sleek design, featuring a built-in touchscreen, wireless charging, and ambient speakers, creating a harmonious blend of technology and style.



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Have you ever been thinking of what an ideal coffee table should be like? We are starting with thinking about what people may need when sitting on the couch next to the coffee table. Wine and cheese, chilled beverages and bonbons, music and phone, or morning coffee and a laptop! Introducing the LT135 smart coffee table, it combines coffee table, refrigerator drawers, wireless speakers, charging center and more into one product, keeping everything you may need within ease reach. With its clean and simple, low-profile design, the LT135 achieves a lovely balance of utility, multifunction, and elegance. This is the perfect companion in all private spaces or public areas to bring convenience and comfort.


  • Easy temperature management with a digital thermostat, ranging from 37 to 54°F

  • Bluetooth 5.0 stereo sound construction

  • Smart RGB light strip built-in that can be smoothly synchronized with music or ambient sound

  • Dual USB-A and one USB-C output ports for versatile charging options

  • All-in-one touch control panel on the tabletop

  • Dual-receptacle power bars

  • No assembly required

Multi-temperature control

Customizable temperature settings from 37 to 54°F with independent control for each drawer

Qi wireless charger 

Power your smart device quickly thanks to up to 15W of fast wireless charging support 

Quiet operation

Compressor and fan are sophistically optimized to reduce the noise level as low as 36dB

Bluetooth speaker

Built-in woofers and powerful tweeters with stereo sound construction

Refrigerator Drawer

Dual Separate Cooling Zones

Features two easy-to-reach refrigerator drawers, totally built-in and fit nicely inside the coffee table. Those two refrigerator drawers bring more flexibility that fit your need with separate adjustable temperature control. Take correct storage and preparation beforehand. Entertain friends and family, or keep everyday refreshments on hand and at the ready. You would impress with this convenient piece of furniture.

Immersive Audio Experience

Let rich balanced sound be a part of your décor. One of the most satisfying feelings is when everything fits into place-including a smart coffee table is packed with hidden Bluetooth stereo. Featured with two tweeters and two woofers placed horizontally at the back of the coffee table in line. Having the music just at the right volume. 

Perfectly Balanced Sound

"woofer-tweeter-tweeter-woofer" is placed horizontally. Let the tweeter bounce woofer woof!

Dynamic RGB LED

Music mode is supported to allow vibrant lighting that dances with your audio.

Touch Panel Control

Easy Changes 

Even Stay On The Couch

Groups together all controls in one location for the ease of operation. Touch control panel on the right bottom corner of the tabletop, which gives you placement flexibility.

  • ECO mode shift

  • Left drawer temp. control

  • Right drawer temp. control

  • Refrigerator unlock control

  • Media unlock control

  • Mute

  • Volume down

  • Volume up

  • Sound effect switch

  • Ambient lights (ON/OFF)

Charging Station

Wired & Wireless Charging Solution

Choose from a range of wired and wireless options to charge your smartphone and other small gadgets as well as appliance. The wireless charging spot operates at a max speed of 15W, which offers an ease access for you and your guests. There are also dual USB-A ports and a single USB-C port on the side of the coffee table for wired charging if you have more power-hungry devices. Plug in and power up without losing time.

Qi Wireless Charging Spot

Juice up just by plopping you phone down on the table. An 15W wireless charger has been integrated directly into the tabletop. Do not take extra space.

3-in-1 USB Ports

A maximum of 5 volts and 2.1 amps of power are available through a single USB-C port and two USB-A ports for device charging.

Dual-Receptacle Power Bars

Integrated power bar. Features dual 220V power sockets to perfectly accommodate every occasion and optimize maximum enjoyment.  


  • LT135
  • Carton

Width (in): 50.98

Depth (in): 27.75

Height (in): 18.1

Leg Height (in): 2.95

Width (in): 53.5

Depth (in): 30.4

Height (in): 19.9


  • General
  • Refrigerator
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Charging center


Overall (H x L x W): 

18" x 51" x 27.7"

460mm x 1295mm x 705mm


Product: 61kg / 135lb

Gross weight: 68kg / 149lb


Tabletop: Tempered Glass, black

Door color: White

Table leg: 4 Tapered legs


Power supply: cable

Power input: 110V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 0.38Kwh /24h

In the box

1 x TB135 Smart Coffee Table

4 x Partition

2 x YOYO Pan

1 x Cable Cover

1 x Power Cable


Cooling system: Direct cooling

Refrigerant: R600a/ 21g

Temperature control: Digital thermostat

Noise level: 36dB

Controls: Digital, touch panel control

Left drawer

Capacity (cu. ft.): 2.47 (70L)

Temperature zone: 3 ~ 8 ℃ (37° ~ 46°F)

Light: LED (ceiling)

Right drawer

Capacity (cu. ft.): 2.3 (65L)

Temperature zone: 6 ~ 12 ℃ (42 ~ 54°F)

Light: LED (ceiling)


Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Speaker Type: All-in-one, 2 x 4" woofers and 2 x tweeters


Power (ON/OFF)

Volume (DOWN/UP)


Sound effect switch

Ambient lights (ON/OFF)


Yes, dynamic music mode supported

USB Output Ports

Port-1: USB-A, 5V/2.1A

Port-2: USB-A, 5V/2.1A

Port-3: USB-C, 5V/2.1A

Qi Wirelesss Charging

No. of coil: 2

Output power: 15W, 9V/2A

Safety: Overheat protection, shortcut protection

Power Sockets

No. of socket: 2

Power outlets: 110V

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