About Us


The Livtab brand was founded in California, USA in 2021. Founder Evan Han is a gamer who loves spending time playing video games and has always wanted to create a space that is joyful. With his background working in the foreign trade industry and traveling the world for business, he has been able to see a lot of different products (some good, some bad). Han wanted to create something that looked like traditional home or office furniture but was functionally innovative. He sought to design pieces that would establish a closer connection and interaction with the digital world.

An introduction to designer Vincent Ma was like magic. Ma's 15 years of industrial designing experience (and, yes, lots of awards along the way) provides a focus on innovative design that elevates furniture to the next level.

That brings us to today and the future of furniture. Together Han and Ma drive LIVTAB with a commitment to designing functionally innovative products that may look like traditional home and office products but are so much more. They are "smart" because they are cleverly designed, intelligently practical, clean, sharp, and attractive. And while these products are great for gamers, even consumers who have never touched a controller will find LIVTAB products so innovative, convenient and, well, game-changing, that they'll wonder how they ever lived life without them.


At first glance, you may not notice anything that would set LIVTAB products apart from other furniture you've seen in the past. But take that second look, and you'll be wowed.

LIVTAB integrates traditional home and smart home, with the brand concept of exploring smart new life.

Between basic needs and luxury needs, LIVTAB finds a balance between quality and aesthetics. A humanistic atmosphere, environmental protection concepts, traditional inheritance, and individual innovation make designer original furniture a new favorite in the market.

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