Project Update: April 1~15 Work Summary

Project Update: April 1~15 Work Summary

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Dear Backers,
In the past few weeks, we've made notable progress on our project, thanks in large part to your ongoing support. Here's a quick update on what we've accomplished in the half of April:

Completion of Prototype Units: Our five prototype units have been successfully completed. These units are now in the final stages of packaging design, ensuring that each piece functions beautifully. The attention to detail in packaging design reflects our commitment to quality and aesthetics, mirroring the innovation that lies within.

Electrical Wiring and Cabling: Our engineering team has finalized the electrical wiring and cabling work, focusing on a more scientific layout that prioritizes functionality and safety over aesthetics. This crucial development step ensures that the cables are efficiently organized and not exposed as before, laying the groundwork for a product that is safe, efficient, and user-friendly. This approach to cable management enhances the overall reliability and performance of our product, ensuring every interaction is secure.
Ongoing Optimization of Electronic Components: The soul of our product, the electronic components, especially within the control box, is undergoing further optimization. Our engineers are working tirelessly to refine these elements, striving for even greater stability in voltage regulation during operation. This ensures that all features work harmoniously, providing a seamless experience without compromising on functionality. Fortunately, the centralization of electronics in the control box means that these optimizations will not delay the production of other parts.
We cannot express enough gratitude for your patience and support throughout this journey. Your faith in us motivates every step we take towards perfection. Rest assured, we are leveraging every resource, investing in talent and technology, to bring this innovative product to market without delay.
The electronic optimizations, while intricate, are confined to the control box, allowing the rest of our production to proceed unaffected. This focus ensures that we can maintain our timeline and quality standards, delivering a product that meets your expectations and our high standards.
As we move forward, we invite you to stay connected for further updates and insights into our progress. Your feedback and engagement are invaluable as we navigate this exciting phase of development.

For continuous updates, please refer to our Google document:

Once again, thank you for your unwavering trust and support. Together, we are on the brink of bringing a truly innovative product to life.
Warm regards,
Livtab Team